ManaArt Newsletter                                      Vol. 5   6/17/13

Airbrush Tattoos!! 

ManaArt has has invested in a new branch of body art, Airbrush tattoos. 

Temporary airbrush tattoos Temporary airbrush tattoos are another kind of temporary tattoo. They are applied to the surface of the skin by placing a stencil to the skin and delivering the tattoo ink with an airbrush. Unlike temporary transfer tattoos, the artist can control elements of the temporary tattoo while it is being produced, which is more similar to the true permanent tattoo experience. Temporary airbrush tattoos have been in existence since about 1998 and are largely used in marketing, advertising and the entertainment industry. 

ManaArt splurged on getting the absolute top of the line top feed Airbrush gun system from European Body Art.  The ZeroG II. What makes this system so awesome is the ability to easily change colors without having to "flush" out the gun.  Which means faster, colorful tattoos for you.

Our Airbrush Tattoos can last up to Two whole weeks depending on how you care for it.  Below is a custom created Airbrush tattoo, Mr. Meanie, created and applied himself.  This type of tattoo is a new type of stencil that Mr. Meanie had designed.  Unlike the normal 3 layer plastic stencils usually used for glitter and airbrush tattoos, these stencils can be as much as 10 layers.  This helps get precision without mixing colors.  It only takes a few extra moments to apply, but definitely has more "WOW" factor.

Basic 3 Layer Tattoos By ManaArt 

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Their loss, your gain! 

We had a temporary tattoo appointment cancellation.  It was a custom design they requested special for them, but ended up cancelling at the last minute.  We have this specific tattoo available for you at a huge discount.  Originally $20 now $7.  First come first serve.  Email us at ManaArt to set up an appointment.  The design is below, 4 inches by 6 inches and colors can be interchangeable. 

Car Decal Discount.

Calling all Independent Consultant and Business Owners. Need a way to advertise on your vehicle?  For the rest of June, ManaArt is offering a HUGE discount on a custom made single color Car Decal.  What a great way to advertise your business while just doing your everyday routine.  For just $15 you can get a white or pink or black decal including up to 4 lines of information.  We can custom create any JPEG you can send us. The full size of the decal would be average 5 inches tall by 8 inches across.  Email us at for more info and include DECAL613 as you discount code.

Newsletter Subscriber Winner!!!!!!  

Congratulations on winning a Free ManaArt T-Shirt.

If your email starts with, budman2010, email us back from that email, with what size T-Shirt you would like, what name you would like on the back, and what address to send it to.

FINDERS FEE. If you find any type of article or printed photo with a mentioning of ManaArt, and share it with us, there is a finders fee.  The first to send us the link/paper/article/magazine, will get a choice of several different free items ManaArt will send you back via email. 

ManaArt Custom Created Multi Layered Airbrush Tattoos  

From the desk of Mana of ManaArt Face and Body Painting:

I can not believe how much we seem to be taking off and growing.  All of our Artist's talents are simply overflowing and everyone is so creative.  I am in awe of Mr. Meanie's ability to take any single image and turn it into a tattoo or decal.  I will never underestimate the craft of graphics design.  He is a whiz on the computer and used that talent to come up with a brand new way to make and use stencils.

I also want to thank each and everyone one of you.  Without your support we would never be where we are.  New opportunities are constantly popping up and I can't even begin to thank all of the word of mouth references we have gotten from you.  Without you guys, our fans (Blush), we wouldn't be anywhere.  Your love and support mean the world to me. THANK YOU x 1000! 

ManaArt Newsletter                                              Vol. 4  6/3/13  


This year is already filling up with great festival and craft fairs that we will be at.  Below is just the beginning of where we will be. 

June 7th, Fri, 5pm-8pm - 1st Friday's in Down Town Greencastle 

June 8th, Saturday, 3pm-7:30 - Painting Practice @ ManaArt Headquarters. 11 N Grant St, Waynesboro 

July 5th, Fri, 5pm-8pm - 1st Friday's in Down Town Greencastle

July 12th-14th, Fri-Sun - Greencastle Sidewalk Days.

August 2nd, Fri, 5pm-8pm - 1st Friday's in Down Town Greencastle

Sept 6th, Fri, 5pm-8pm - 1st Friday's in Down Town Greencastle

Sept 21, Sat, 10am-4pm - Shippensburg University Family Fest

Sept 28th-29th, Sat-Sun - Pippenfest @ Fairfield 

Oct 5th Mini Appleseed Festival - Martinsburg WV

Oct 12-13th, Sat-Sun - Catotin Colorfest - Thurmont MD  

From the Desk of Mana: 

I would love to thank everyone for the great support each and everyone one of you have given to help encourage Mr. Meanie, myself, and all our painters and tattoo artist on this, for lack of a better word, adventure.  We are all doing what we love.  Having fun and making smiles.  I want to thank our 3 children for putting up with letting Mr. Meanie and I use them as models, and the children of our other painters, Emilee and Amelia.  But most of all I want to thank Mr. Meanie.  He is the back bone to making this operation work.   

Thank You!



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